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About the Course

Is there something specific you want to learn? Perhaps you are looking to master a Lensbaby, you would like to know how to do something in Photoshop or you would just like a creative boost. You will be asked to submit a form outlining your goal. I will then create a means to help you achieve this goal. This might be an in person meet up, tailor made PDF's and Video, zoom chat or a combination. You can specify on the form what you would prefer or we can discuss what would work best depending on what it is you would like to learn.

Your Instructor

Camilla Winter-Moore

I am a Click Pro Elite Photographer and mother of 5. Photography is a passion of mine that started as a means to document my own life in a creative and authentic way and evolved into a business too. How lucky am I! I am predominantly a portrait and documentary photographer but also do corporate work. I enjoy stretching myself and expanding my photographic abilities wherever I can. My passions outside of my photography include working as a doula and also a children and couples counsellor. Most of the work I do is centred around enhancing the human experience.

Camilla Winter-Moore
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