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I have been taking pictures all my life, and long before I had a camera. I have always enjoyed the perspective of the imaginary lens and the world contained within it. I studied photography throughout school, and after it was a component part of my study at the London College of Fashion, though I will freely admit I am largely self taught.


With sentimentality forming an undeniable part of my character, photographs have always been very important to me. I identified them as a beautiful and efficient means of diarising my life. But it wasn't until some time had passed that I truly appreciated the gift of photography. The timelessness of a photograph is almost majestic; allowing us to mentally time travel, almost tangibly reflecting on moments and the sensations they bought in any given moment. Nostaglia often accompanies the preview of years and memories past, allowing us to witness to the many lives we have had. My historical archives have been reproduced into meaningful gifts for friends and I suppose that is where it all started. Taking pictures at events, parties, which became engagements and weddings, pregnancies and babies, families, birth and in more recent years more commercial work too.


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Most significant to me has been photographing my own children, a fleeting and all encompassing time in my life. Motherhood has not only prompted my desire to capture my children for the sake of preservation, photography has also served as a meaningful and creative outlet, a means to balance my identity and master new skills. 

As a young girl I used to write songs, I love words and am rarely short of them. Writing, much like photography serves to tell a story and I find the two complement each other beautifully, whilst also standing strong in their own right. I have degree in both Social and Cultural Studies (Nottingham University) and Law (University if Law (which I studied up to Masters level)). I worked for Women's aid, as a Volunteer for women in maternity, and did a journalism course at The London School of Journalism. I work as a Doula (with birth photography) and also as a children and couples counsellor. (See BLOG about how everything I do ties together). My thoughts and observations of people, our environment, relationships and so on manifest not only in my desire to capture pictures that speak to the human experience but also the words that recognise it. 


Click Pro Elite - Click Pro Elite are a network of women photographers all over the world. It is an honor to not only be a Click Pro Elite but to be an ambassador for such an incredible, inspirational community that offers so much.

Lensbaby - Lensbaby make creative lenses. These lenses are manual and consist of different effects such slices of focus, spots of focus, spiral back ground, velvet effect, macro lenses and more. You can get 10% off purchases with my code WMOORE


In 2019 I founded The Creators Journal (TCJ). TCJ is a community space to share, inspire and create. Everyone is welcome. I often host community projects and everyone is welcome. You can find us on IG, Facebook and Mighty Networks.


Portraits - Classic

Portraits - Creative





Corporate head shots



Honourable mention in The Voice Photo Competition. 

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