"There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment" - Robert Frank

My Style and how I work

My photographic style is natural and organic. I like to capture genuine moments, the kind that evoke emotion and feel honest. Whilst I will direct where needs be, I don't tend to promote posing. In order to ensure authenticity it is very important that my clients feel comfortable, in order to do this I work hard to break down barriers so that the right atmosphere is created. I spent many years working in front of the camera and will never forget aged 15 at the beginning of my modelling career standing in front of a renowned fashion photographer asking him what to do. He told me to relax and that it was his job to capture the moment. It was the first of many successful photoshoots.

What do I photograph?

I am a lifestyle photographer, which means that I cover a wide range of photography; from events, to family, to portraits, to birth. I am not studio based, but rather photograph on location, real life events in an artistic way. I am happy to come to you or meet in a desired place. 

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography probably makes up the biggest proportion of my work, primarily children and families, but also more recently with businesses. Because of my work in the birth world I also do a lot of maternity shoots and have just created a NEW package that provides a number shoots throughout pregnancy to document the growth of the bump. I am happy to photograph classically, and also a little bit outside the box.

Reportage Photography

I photograph events; weddings, benefits, adults' parties, and children's parties in a moment-to-moment narrative fashion. I tend to do fewer weddings nowadays as the demand for birth photography has grown and both require a large amount of time editing. I am however very happy to work as a secondary photographer for a limited amount of hours. Having a second photographer allows for more natural and organic photos to be taken, as the focus is usually on the main photographer. It also ensures photographs are still being taken of guests whilst the couple and family photos take place. Finally, it allows a different perspective. When my husband and I got married our photographer bought along a second photographer and we both actually much prefer those photos. He captured more genuine shots.

The demand for photography at parties has grown. As people rely more on their mobile phones, quality photos are just not being taken. It is a great shame not have a decent record of an event that has otherwise been so invested in. I have been delighted to start photographing more and more children's parties. Parents are so often running around working so hard that they are not able to fully enjoy the experience. They also tend not to be in the pictures at all. 

Birth Photography

Since training as doula in 2014 I have expanded my photography to the birth space. It started with the simple suggestion that I would take pictures on my clients' mobile phones, and that the pictures taken could be viewed, or not, whichever was desired. Every single mother, father, partner, friend, didn't only look at the pictures, but utterly loved them. From this I started combining video clips and photographs to tell the birth story as it unfolded. Birth, like any all-consuming wonder in life is so absorbing that being able to view it after is such a gift. The joy it brings me to capture the transition into new beginnings, in the knowledge of what it will mean to the family in the future is absolutely priceless. Being a doula I am very well aquatinted with birth, respectful of boundaries and protecting the birth space. I photograph/video in a totally non-intrusive manor, always mindful of what my client wants. 


In 2011 I created my first video using music, photos and small video clips. Film had started to become more commonplace as a means of documenting and by 2012 I was shooting full film. I have created short films for couples, weddings, parties, edited video clips people already had and in 2014 I started filming births as an add on to my doula work. Starting out as a photographer has made the transition into videography a very rewarding experience. I believe that both photography and videography offer something incredibly special and precious.